Almost the Weekend!

Happy Thursday – you’ve almost made it to the weekend! Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud so here’s what I’m thinking about today:


I feel like I’m still recovering from my busy week in sports last week…

My week started with an O’s game as the Braves were in town. Adam proudly applauded Nick Markakis on his return to Oriole Park and my cousin who grew up in Georgia came up from DC for the game.


I went on a work outing to Virginia for the Quicken Loans National golf tournament. It was brutally hot and a rain delay (see those dark skies?) prevented us from seeing too much golf, but we still had a good time. My family is really into golf and the last time I was at this course was for the President’s Cup in 2005 on my 18th birthday!

Quicken Loans Abby at RTJ

I also went to two Kastles matches including the league finals on Sunday where the Kastles won their 5th straight championship. #TennisDynasty. The match was at 11:30am so they served breakfast burritos and mimosas which was awesome. I could get used to more morning sporting events…I guess this is what living on the west coast is like during football season! They also had tennis ball cake pops which were absolutely necessary.

Kastles - Brit Kastles Finals

I should have capped off my week by attending the Ravens open practice on Monday, but I just didn’t have the strength. Did anyone go?

I’m also looking ahead to several fun events to soak up the end of summer…

  • Flicks from the Hill tonight at the AVAM is Awakenings. Check out Jeanette’s post on why it’s awesome.
  • Next weekend’s Kegs and Corks Festival in Annapolis. I got a LivingSocial deal for two admissions for only $35 that includes a souvenir glass and samples of beer and wine. It seems like it will be a great afternoon of drinking and live music with friends.
  • And because in the summer there is nothing better than drinking and live music outside, I also plan on checking out the Summer Social in West Shore Park (in the Harbor) on Friday the 21st to see New Romance and 80’s tribute band. Event is from 5-8pm with food and drink available from Dooby’s.


What are you thinking about today? Any fun events you’re looking forward to? 

Also Bronycon (aka the My Little Pony fan convention) begins today in Baltimore! Be on the lookout for some awesome bronies!


Thursday Ramblings

Good morning, Baltimore! There is just too much fun stuff going on for me to stick to a coherent, linear blog post so we are linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays. Here is what I’m thinking about…

  • How beautiful it is today! No humidity, warm but a little breezy. Walking the dog was a joy this morning. Now if only I could spend the day outside by the pool instead of at work…

pool time

  • This hilarious Pitch Meeting for Wishbone Toast post. I was a big fan of the PBS show with the literature loving Jack Russell so this article has me dying laughing.
  • My yogurt bowl breakfast this morning is hitting the spot. I go through phases of liking Greek yogurt or regular yogurt and I am firmly in a regular yogurt phase. Loving this vanilla yogurt, strawberries and granola.

yogurt bowl

  • Baltimore restaurant week is coming up and I’ve been wondering where Adam and I should go this year. Our first nice dinner date was at Black Olive during restaurant week 2010 (also where Adam took me to dinner after he proposed!). We have also had great restaurant week experiences at Sotto Sopra and Jack’s Bistro. Any suggestions for where we should go this year?
  • The Pluto flyby is blowing my mind. When we visited the Maryland Science Center a few weeks ago, I first learned about the New Horizons mission and just the fact that it was launched in 2006 and is now 3 BILLION miles away is incredible. I have loved reading all about Pluto and how the surface is way different than what the scientists expected. New Horizons isn’t done yet – it’s still sending back images of Pluto’s moons. Learn more here, here and here.
  • To Kindle or not to Kindle. I love reading and am having a hard time letting go of the feeling of a physical book in my hands in favor of an e-reader. I think it may be time though as I like to read before bed and Adam is bothered by the light. Could I read my kindle without a light on? Any tips on the best one to get?
  • The Kastles! I spent four years working for DC’s pro tennis team and I am heading down for tonight’s match. The job was crazy (not the least of which was the last year I spent commuting from Baltimore to DC) and my life is so much more balanced now, but I am definitely looking forward to returning tonight as a fan.


  • I’m excited to go to the Kastles, but I am bummed I’m missing Seth MacFarlane who is performing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra tonight. I have had a thing for Seth since he hosted the Oscars – he is so crazy talented! He’s funny, he sings and he wrote Ted! Ted! Hilarious.
  • Funnel cake and the Maryland State Fair. I have never been to the fair in Timonium, but hope to check it out this year when it’s in town August 28 – September 7.
  • Kinky Boots is coming to the Hippodrome this fall and I’m thinking about getting tickets. I’ve heard it is a really great show! Has anyone seen it? Book of Mormon is also coming which is amaaazing so if you haven’t seen it, definitely go!!

Okay that’s all I’ve got this morning. Have a great day everyone!