Beach Day!

Itching for the feeling of sand beneath our toes and the sound of waves crashing on the beach, Adam and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning for a day trip to Rehoboth Beach. We were over the Bay Bridge before 7:30am and after a quick stop for coffee and breakfast we made it to the beach by 10am. Rehoboth has a public beach where visitors can park for just $10 all day so that is where we set up shop. We had minimal supplies – two beach chairs, towels, a boogie board, sunscreen, a book and frozen water bottles which was all that we needed for a fantastic day!


For lunch we walked to the boardwalk and ducked inside a fairly empty Mediterranean place for gyro salads. Pro tip: friends and I discovered Semra’s Mediterranean last year and it has air conditioning, clean bathrooms and fast, refreshing food. We try to avoid the typical beach fare – pizza, french fries etc. because who wants to be weighed down by heavy, greasy food while in a bathing suit? Not this girl! Before we walked back down the beach we popped into the Coffee House for my favorite iced chai.

Maybe I’m just a wuss, but I think August is the best time to be at Rehoboth (and Bethany/Ocean City/Dewey etc) because the water is finally warm enough to go in! It was also the day of a big sand castle contest so we checked out all the amazing sand creations.

Proposal Sand Castle Sand Castle Minions Sand Castle Greek Sand Castle

People were so creative! I loved the minions and the proposal. After another few hours enjoying the beach we changed clothes (in our car in the parking lot) and drove to Rehoboth’s main drag for dinner. There were a ton of cars cruising around looking for parking but we lucked into a spot and grabbed seats at the bar at Pig and Fish. They have a daily happy hour so we ordered quickly ordered crab dip and a couple beers. I mentioned last week that I love wit beers and the Ommegang Witte really hit the spot after a long day in the sun. The crab dip in bread bowl was warm and gooey and amazing. We followed it up by splitting the happy hour fish tacos and a seafood salad sandwich. Because obviously we needed ALL the seafood.

Ommegang Beer

Crab Dip

Seafood Sammy

After dinner we walked around, split some ice cream (salted caramel) and piled back into the car for the drive home. Two and a half hours later we walked in the house exhausted and a little sandy, but very happy from our beach day. Yes, it was a lot of driving, but it was definitely doable and with most beach hotels having 3 night minimums in the summer it was certainly a more affordable option.

What’s the farthest you would drive for a day at the beach? 

Have you been to Rehoboth?


Friday Five (of my travel tips)

Travel Tips

I’m stuck sitting on a runway waiting for a tech to reboot my plane’s computer system, so it’s only appropriate that today’s Friday Five is dedicated to summer vacation. I’m not a total pro, Up In The Air style, but I like to think I do OK.

1. Book It. Experts say the best time to book your flight is 50-100 days in advance. I like to start monitoring flight prices early, then book when I find a good deal. Remember that you have 24 hours after booking to cancel your purchase if you change your mind. I love Southwest, and if you’re loyal to a brand, definitely take advantage of any loyalty programs they have. My flight home ended up costing me $5 because of all the points I had racked up! I also rave about ITA Flight Matrix, which is owned by Google flights. ITA lets you customize your search more than any other travel site I’ve seen. It can be a little tough to use at first, but it’s definitely worth learning.

2. Plan ahead. I’ll admit, I’m a little overzealous on this. My boyfriend gets stressed out by my detailed Google doc itineraries. But I can’t stand being somewhere cool and wandering. I want a vacay bucket list–a list of cool places I can get to at a moment’s notice. Trip Advisor is great for this, as is Yelp. Research everything down to tour guide companies so you know who does the best ghost tour or which whale watching company the locals use.

3. Pack your bags. No, seriously.. Pack some bags. I stuff grocery bags, Ziplocs, a canvas tote and a collapsible duffel in my luggage. I can’t tell you how often I end up using them. Other packing tips: Keep at least one outfit in your carry-on in case of lost luggage; mini bottles of liquor are permitted through airport security (in your liquids Ziploc); photocopy your passport and other travel documents and keep separate from the originals; and alllwaaayyys have a few granola bars on hand.

4. Hit the app store. Make sure you have any apps that might help make the trip smoother. Download your airline’s app, your hotel’s, the destination’s, Yelp, etc. It makes looking things up so much simpler. In fact, I just helped my seatmate by looking up the flight status of her connecting flight.

5. Relax, enjoy, and don’t forget to take pix! I know I am probably making travel sound really stressful, but I guess my point is that by doing all this prep in advance, you should be better able to enjoy your trip. Don’t sweat the small stuff–a flight that’s two hours delayed and just got deboarded, for instance (grr)–and don’t be afraid to go rogue from your schedule. Have fun!