Abby and Jeanette

Abby and Jeanette

Abby and Jeanette met in the fall of 2005 when they were freshman year roommates at the University of Maryland. They enjoy dive bars, cheap eats and funtivities.

Abby spent her entire life in DC and the surrounding burbs before making the move up to Baltimore for a guy. She ended up falling in love with the city too.

Jeanette is a New Jersey transplant who came to Maryland for college and hasn’t left. She moved to Baltimore for work and to be closer to the home of Natty Boh man.

When we were young instead of just young(ish)

Back when we were young instead of just young(ish)

We lived together for eight years (pretty much a common law marriage) in College Park and Silver Spring before making the move to Baltimore separately. It was truly the end of one era, but the start of another. We now live around the corner from one another, but nothing compares to the camaraderie and collaboration of being roomies. We can’t wander into each other’s rooms before work in the morning to make sure our outfits look okay or steal each other’s left overs, but living in the same ‘hood means that Jeanette can give Abby a ride to work when she spots her walking in freezing temps and Abby can go knock on Jeanette’s door when she hasn’t responded to texts in several hours (don’t worry, J was just sleeping). This blog allows us to have a creative partnership and encourages us to go out and explore our city – both together and apart. We hope you enjoy reading it!

P.S. Want to get in touch?Β Drop us a line.


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