Weekend Recap: Gymboree and Bakery

We had a weekend that was simultaneously relaxing and productive with just the right about of plans. We shifted Maya’s bedtime back about thirty minutes so now we have an early dinner together as a family every night before she goes to sleep. She is still sleeping about 7:30pm-7:30am which is incredible but has me feeling very nervous about how that will be affected my daylight savings time next week. Any suggestions on how to handle? I’ve heard it can really mess with toddler sleep!


Friday night I picked up Peruvian chicken on my way home from work. The chicken was super juicy and Maya loved it. She is really into proteins: chicken, salmon, pulled pork etc. She rounded out her meal with rice & beans and broccoli and we had yucca fries as well.

Saturday morning we took another family trip to Wegmans and got our shopping done for the week. After Maya’s morning nap we went to class at Gymboree and picked up some things at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Maya LOVES Gymboree class and enjoyed an hour of singing, climbing and exploring the various stations they had set up. She loves Gymbo, the Gymboree clown, and several times a class makes a beeline for where they keep the big clown doll.


Saturday night we went out to an early dinner at Hickory Ridge Grill. At 5:30pm the place was packed with families with young kids so Maya fit right in. We read books until our gyro, souvlaki and chicken tenders arrived.


Sunday morning I made a frittata and Adam’s brother came over with his two kids. Then after Maya’s morning nap we ventured out to the library and on our way popped into a bakery in Ellicott City. Tous Les Jours is apparently a chain with many locations, but I had never heard of it.

Tous Les Jours is described as a French-Asian bakery and had a ton of amazing pastries and breads on display. You grab a tray and tongs and select all of the pieces you want before bringing them over to the check out. I loved taking a look at all of the delicious-looking choices and managed to select a couple of them while wrangling an active Maya. I also got a black milk tea bubble tea. It was so fun and the treats we got were delicious – I can’t wait to go back!


After our bakery and library date I brought Maya back home for a nap before heading out to Lake Kittamaqundi for a run. I’ve been in some intense fitbit challenges with my friends and it’s been very motivating! Sunday night I met up with some girlfriends for our annual Oscar party and we enjoyed a Greek food themed potluck. We all loved Allison Janney and her dress and were split on Nicole Kidman’s bow (I liked it!). The only movie I had seen was Lady Bird but still enjoyed watched the first half of the show…before heading home and straight to bed!

How was your weekend?

Do you watch the Academy Awards?



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