Friday Five: Introducing Maya

Happy Friday! Maya Evelyn arrived almost six weeks ago so I thought it was high time to introduce her to the blogosphere with her very own Friday Five all about Maya and what life has been like since her arrival! 🙂


  1. Maya was born January 21st at 11:39pm. 7 lbs 12 oz and 19″ long.
  2. Maya was born at University of Maryland Medical Center and throughout my pregnancy I saw the Ob/Gyn practice at Redwood associated with the hospital. I thought all of the doctors and nurses were fabulous through pregnancy, labor, delivery and our four night stay at the hospital. UMMC also offers a number of classes of which we took advantage: birthing class, breast feeding and newborn care + infant CPR. As first time parents these classes were a huge help and taught us so much!
  3. Maya came out with a full head of hair that she still has six weeks later! Newborns often lose their hair and it can grow back a totally different color or texture so that is what we expected to happen. Nope, still has her lovely brown locks. maya-one-month
  4. Being a new mom is hard. Learning to adjust to life with an infant is definitely a challenge – what with not sleeping, breastfeeding, worrying about the little one, recovering from a c-section, and riding a hormone-induced emotional roller coaster. Around week five I felt like I finally got my footing and things became a little easier, but every day brings new curve balls and of course new joys because Maya is the cutest, snuggliest little thing.
  5. Mom and dad have been living off of carry out, delivery and meals dropped off by friends and family. We are so grateful to everyone who has been looking after us and making sure we eat! We’ve been dining on Honeygrow, Samos, Mi & Yu, Nalley Fresh and burgers from Mother’s (thanks to Amazon delivery!). We’ve made one attempt at dinner out with the little one – we made it through salad and bread at Brendali before packing up our entrees to eat at home.  We are excited to get back to some of our Baltimore favorites!

Mostly, I feel so lucky to be Maya’s mom and can’t wait to take part in some of the activities and resources available to moms in the city!


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