Monday Funday

Anybody else ever get the Sunday Blues?

No matter how much I love my job, on Sunday night, I groan. I ignore the list of chores I should be finishing up to prep for the week and instead find myself binge-watching some terrible show on Netflix just to try to distract myself from the fact that the weekend’s almost over. (Please hold while I mute Guy Fieri’s Grocery Games.)

About a month ago, my boyfriend proposed a possible solution: plan something fun for Monday evening. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant—just a little something to look forward to after your first day of the week. We’ve gone to dinner, started a new Netflix show (the much more respectable Grace & Frankie) and grabbed cookies at the new Insomnia Cookies that opened up in Federal Hill. While some bars and restaurants tend to take Monday as their day off, plenty of others try to boost the slump in Monday business with some badass specials.

And I have found myself being just a little bit more OK with Mondays. Thought I’d share the tip, drop some knowledge, encourage you guys to get out there and do something fun in Baltimore today. Let us know if you do!


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