Indian Food in Fed Hill

So a few weekends ago I did that thing that I usually try to avoid: I ate out for every single meal. I know. The $$$ and the calories! But it’s okay because everything I had was really, really good.

Saturday lunchtime I met up with Jeanette to walk into Fed Hill hoping to try the new Indian restaurant, Himalayan Bistro. It was tough to tell at first glance that the restaurant was open as the door is set back in an alcove and looked like it had a big lock on it, but we persisted and the place was in fact open for business! When we sat down, it felt a little bit like we were the first people to ever eat there, but by the time we left several other tables were full (we’re just trendsetters like that).

You can order a la carte off the menu, but we opted for the buffet ($12 on the weekend) since we like to try a little bit of everything. We recognized most of the usual Indian buffet standbys: chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, dal, biryani, fish and veggie pakora. All of the dishes I tried were tasty and paired perfectly with some naan, salad and cooling raita yogurt sauce.

We polished off our first plates and got seconds of our favorites – that means you chicken masala! We ended our meal with gulab jamun – those sweet, syrup-soaked donut balls (gross description for a great food). We both seriously enjoyed are meals and are definitely happy to have a good Indian food option in Fed Hill.

The rest of my meals that weekend were equally good: dinners at Sobo Cafe and DBGB in DC and a bridal shower brunch at Donna’s. Pictured below you’ll see some highlights – the brussels sprouts flatbread with goat cheese at Sobo, a pork and a lamb sausage for sharing at DBGB, and roasted veggies + roast beef from Donna’s brunch buffet.


Have you tried Himalyan Bistro yet? What did you think?Β 


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