First Anniversary Celebrations

This past weekend, Adam and I celebrated our first anniversary! It is crazy to think that it has already been a year since we tied the knot last spring in Baltimore. After a completely underwhelming dinner on our actual anniversary, we were super excited to spend time together this weekend doing a few special things to mark the occasion.

On Saturday we checked into the Royal Sonesta with a voucher we received for having our wedding there. Even though we live right in the neighborhood, it was so nice to return to the hotel to celebrate our anniversary. Our harbor view room was gorgeous and had the most perfect little window seat overlooking the festivities at Light City. After getting settled in our room and getting a little fancy for our evening out, we popped down to the Sonesta bar. We ordered cocktails and their thai-style calamari and spent some time at the bar watching the Final Four (go Wildcats!). We also ran into our favorite wedding planner as there was currently a wedding underway at the Sonesta. Ah it feels like just yesterday that we were walking down the aisle!!


Our nostalgic anniversary weekend didn’t end there, we had dinner reservations at the Rusty Scupper, sight of our rehearsal dinner. Our 50-ish person rehearsal dinner was held on the top floor of the Scupper with beautiful views of Baltimore, a buffet dinner and open bar. The Scupper was super convenient because everyone could walk over from the Sonesta (they ran a shuttle for older relatives who couldn’t make the short walk) and they were so easy to work with, accommodating all of our requests.

Throwback photos! We had such a nice time at the rehearsal, that we thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. We were seated at a great table with a view of the harbor, enjoyed a glass of wine and some bread while we decided what to order. Yes, we had just split some calamari at the Sonesta bar, but that wasn’t going to stop us from ordering an appetizer and we enjoyed splitting the shrimp cocktail – 5 large shrimp with a kick from horseradish cocktail sauce. Adam also had a cup of the Maryland crab soup (which was a huge hit at our rehearsal dinner). For entrees, I had the sea bass with a light lemon butter sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans and Adam had the lobster tails. My fish was great, but the lobster was amazing – the lobster meat was sweet and delicious and it was perfect when dipped in the hot butter.

It’s definitely a very traditional seafood restaurant with a fairly limited menu, but I often prefer the traditional to some of the trying-too-hard modern restaurants that are trendy right now. I think the Scupper sometimes gets a bad wrap as being too much of a tourist destination (and it was packed Saturday night with Light City visitors), but the service, food and view were all fabulous which I think is more than makes up for it.

After dinner, we walked through Light City and made our way back to the hotel just in time to watch the festival from our window nook – the start of Dan Deacon‘s set and the epic thunderstorm that cut things short.

It was a lovely night and definitely helped make up for the not so great experience we had at Azumi on our actual anniversary. Everything started out great – Adam had talked to the restaurant in advance, letting them know it was our first anniversary and to pre-order a nice bottle of champagne and make sure we got a good table. We sat down, popped some bubbly and ordered four small plates to start our meal. And then some time passed…and we waited…and then a manager came by to tell us that the gas line was down in the restaurant’s kitchen so they couldn’t cook anything. This wasn’t the end of the world since it’s a sushi restaurant and they had uncooked items on the menu (though only one of the starters we ordered), but it was certainly not a good sign . We were told they were bringing in someone right away to fix it and that we would still be getting the salmon crudo we had ordered. And then we waited some more…and then it had been over an hour since we had ordered and we still hadn’t been brought anything to eat. At this point, we were hungry and it was getting late so we were about to give up and leave when we finally got our one uncooked appetizer – about two bites of raw salmon for each of us. The manager then rushed a few additional (uncooked) dishes for us as the kitchen still wasn’t fixed which we definitely appreciated, but it felt like too little, too late. The food we had was definitely tasty (my favorite was the eel bowl), but we were disappointed that we couldn’t try many of the cooked dishes on the menu that appealed to us and that we had to wait so long. Totally understand that the restaurant didn’t cause the gas issues, but felt like more could have been done to make up for it – especially when they knew it was our anniversary! They ended up comping our whole meal (thank you!), but we would have much preferred a special romantic dinner with good food and good service which is what we were expecting from a place like Azumi. In the end, we got a good story out of it and laugh at just how much of a disaster it was. At least the company was good. 😉

Have you ever had a crazy experience like that at a restaurant? How did the restaurant handle it?  


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