Light City Week

It’s Thursday so we’re thinking out loud all about Light City Baltimore! Not from Baltimore or been living under a rock all week? Well to catch you up, Light City is a festival that has taken over Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (with ancillary exhibits in other neighborhoods) with light, art installations, musicians and performers.

The whole thing kicked off Monday evening with the Creative Alliance Lantern Parade. Jeanette and I made lanterns for volunteers to walk with during the parade and were eager to see them in action. However, when Monday night ended up a bit chilly and windy we decided to play it safe and try to watch the action from the warmth of the bar at the Royal Sonesta…

Cheers at Royal Sonesta Baltimore

According to the Light City website, the parade was scheduled to kick off around 7pm so we settled in at the bar a little before 7, just in time to cash in on the end of happy hour and get discounted drinks and a couple of appetizers. The only problem? It was still super light out! The parade didn’t actually get underway until closer to 8pm which made a lot more sense for an event that centered around glowing lanterns against a dark sky. That was fine by us because it gave us plenty of time to catch up, have another drink and enjoy our honey wings and spinach and brie spread.

We both commented on how much we like the bar at the Sonesta: the ambiance is loungey with gorgeous views of the harbor, it’s super close to where we live, it’s usually not too crowded AND they have daily happy hour specials until 7pm. By the time it got dark and the parade started we realized we couldn’t actually see that much…oh well, we still had a fun night. #LightCityFail

Tuesday night Adam and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary and walked to Harbor East for a special dinner. Our dinner ended up being a disaster (more to come on that in a separate port), but we enjoyed the late night walk back to our apartment. It was awesome to see the Harbor absolutely packed at 10pm on a week night and we loved seeing the various light displays and performances. I’m eager to see whether or not people view Light City as a success and what the economic impact ends up being. It certainly appeared that they were getting big crowds and that people were having very positive experiences.

We plan to check out more of the Light City offerings Friday night – including drinks and food from some of Baltimore’s best restaurants! Parts & Labor, Ekiben and Nickel Taphouse all have stands.

Have you been to Light City yet? What was your favorite part? 


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