Weekend Recap (it doesn’t feel like spring…)

Another weekend in the books. I am so excited it’s finally spring….even if it doesn’t feel like it! At least we’re one weekend closer to consistently nice weather. We made the most of the weekend even if the weather was a bit of a downer (Jeanette was spending the weekend in Deep Creek which turned into a cozy cabin weekend when they got SNOW on Saturday!).

Friday afternoon I left work a little early and raced home to watch the Terps in the first round of the NCAA tournament. What looked like it was going to be a comfortable win (up 18 points in the second half) got all too close and stressful in the last few minutes. Luckily, Maryland came away with a win and our whole weekend wasn’t ruined (this is no exaggeration, if we had lost I probably would have crawled into bed at 7pm on Friday and not emerged until at least Sunday). After the game, we walked into Fed for a quick bite of dinner and ended up at Matsuri. Neither of us felt like sushi, so we ended up with his and hers teriyaki (chicken and salmon) with seaweed salad and miso soup to start.

chicken teriyaki matsuri baltimore salmon teriyaki matsuri baltimore

Everything was delicious and the portion was huge so I ended up bringing one of those pieces of salmon home. We popped into Metropolitan for a drinkΒ  and to watch more basketball before calling it a night.

Our chilly Saturday morning began with a walk to Dunkin’ for coffee and a manicure at Light Street Nails before heading down 95 for a day in DC. Adam and I joined several of the girls I used to work with at the Kastles for lunch at Oyamel. You may remember from my Miami post, that I am a big fan of Jose Andres restaurants and Oyamel was no exception. We were those annoying people who had a big group (with a very well behaved baby!) and posted up for two hours eating, drinking and catching up. We started with the table side guac and a round of drinks (pomegranate margarita with sea salt foam for me) before tackling the rest of the menu. Like all Jose Andres restaurants, the menu is full of small plates, but we weren’t really in the mood to share so most of us girls got three tacos each and a side of rice and the guys each got a taco and one of the larger tapas. I thought the pork belly taco was good, but the mahi mahi taco was amaaazing. The brisket taco ended up being way too spicy for me so I gave it to Adam and since our table ended up with an extra fish taco, I stepped up and polished it off. I’d definitely like to go back and try more of their menu, especially since my friend raved about the steak and eggs dish she had. Jose Andres you seriously need to open a place in Baltimore – we have quite the burgeoning dining scene!!

oyamel dc pomegranate margarita

After lunch we walked up 7th Street to Redline for a happy hour with even more folks we used to work with at the Kastles. Redline is a great spot with a long bar and a ton of big TVs and when we walked in around 2pm during the first weekend of March Madness it was almost empty! Redline you need to step up your marketing game!! It had started to fill in by the time we rolled out at 5:30, but still if you need some marketing help, give me a call. πŸ™‚

Exhausted from a day of drinking and traffic on our drive home, we grabbed take out ramen from Mi & Yu and spent the rest of the night watching basketball.

mi and yu ramen take out

Sunday was quiet – errands, grocery shopping, laundry, took a long walk with Jack and grabbed a caramel machiato at Afters before starting to get PUMPED for the Terps game and settling in for a night of watching basketball and cheering on my boys. I ❀ March Madness.



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