Friday Five (Spoons Cafe)

If you’re looking for breakfast in Baltimore, Spoons is where it’s at. While I’m not a huge breakfast person (and am afraid to admit that I really don’t like brunch), I’ve enjoyed some amazing meals at Spoons lately and I feel like every time I go I learn a new tip or trick so I thought I’d share them for today’s Friday five!

  1. Go early! As I mentioned I…ahem…don’t like brunch, so I don’t mind an early get together on the weekends. Spoons can have upwards of a 30 minute wait and they don’t take reservations, so if you want to beat the crowds, try to arrive by 9:30am. Spoons Baltimore - Salted Caramel Latte
  2. Skip the coffee…go for the espresso drinks. Hello you beautiful salted caramel latte. The coffee is OK, but the lattes and chais are amazing.
  3. Speaking of lattes, you can get your drinks to go! If you’re looking for a quick morning caffeine hit, head straight to the coffee bar and order your espresso drink to go. It’s about the same price as Starbucks and more delicious because it comes from your neighborhood joint.                                   Spoons Cafe - ONuts
  4. Don’t skip the O-nuts. Worth every calorie, these powdered sugar covered gems are Spoons’ twist on a traditional beignet. Deep fried and DELICIOUS. They come in perfectly small portions too- get 3 or 6.
  5. Spoons doesn’t have serve liquor so if you’re looking for the kind of brunch where you stuff your face and pound bloody mary’s, this probably isn’t the place for you. They do serve wine and champagne so you can get mimosas and bellinis (an cheap ones at that!). Spoons does have their own twist on a bloody – Asian-inspired and made with sake. It’s not bad, but no substitute for the real deal.

You may notice that I didn’t even touch on the food and that’s because everything I’ve tried is delicious – you can’t go wrong! Most recently, we tried the hangtown fry: fried oysters over scrambled eggs with smoked paprika aoili. The oysters were fried perfectly and had amazing flavor that was enhanced by the mild sauce. They also have a build your own omelette or scramble option if none of the menu items are striking your fancy. I’ve designed myself a tasty egg white omelette chock full of veggies and gooey cheese. And the breakfast potatoes. For your choice of side, always go with the breakfast potatoes – so, so good! I mean, just look at that plate below. And wake up tomorrow morning and get yourself to Spoons. Stat.

Spoons Baltimore Fried Oysters

Spoons Cafe

Location: Federal Hill, 24 E. Cross Street

Highlights: Affordable breakfast entrees, sweet O-nuts and delicious espresso drinks.

Happy Friday and happy March Madness! Go Terps! And because it’s Friday, we’re linking up with Heather, Mar, Cynthia and Courtney.


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