Friday Five (Girl Time)

Well, we are just a week away from Galentine’s Day and I, for one, am pumped! Sometimes you just need some quality girl time. In keeping with Leslie Knope’s tradition, Jeanette and I celebrated Galentine’s Day last year with dinner at Papi’s Tacos and drinks in Fell’s Point. In honor of the upcoming holiday I’m here to chat about some of my favorite things to do with my girlfriends.

  1. Drinks and apps – is there anything better than a couple glasses of wine and some shared snackies with your best girls? Jeanette and I recently enjoyed cocktails and apps at Bookmakers and I want to head back soon to try their daily chef board since we have a shared affinity for charcuterie.
  2. Travel – in an uncharacteristically spontaneous move I just booked a trip to Greece with two of my best friends from high school. In just a few weeks we’ll all be meeting in Athens for a few days of eating and exploring. I’m so excited to spend quality time with some of my closest girls while exploring a new place!
  3. Coffee Date – there’s something cozy about posting up in a coffee shop and chatting away with a good friend. The new 3 Bean Coffee in Fed is a great spot for this.
  4. Road Trip – Jeanette and I are road tripping up to Philly this weekend for a friend’s baby shower and I’m looking forward to a couple hours in the car blasting some tunes and catching up. And yes, I’m counting road trip as something different than travel.
  5. Group Text – I have an ever going group text with a few girls I used to work with and it is everything. Even though we haven’t all worked together since 2011 (and all live in different cities), group text has allowed us to stay in constant contact and keep up with each others’ lives.

Happy Friday and ovaries before brovaries, baby!

What are your favorite things to do with your girlfriends? How do you stay in touch?


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