New(ish) places around Baltimore

I have a tendency to eagerly track construction of new bars, restaurants and shops. I follow them on Facebook, make vague, sort-of plans to drop in with friends, gobble up reviews in City Paper, and check all-too-regularly for any additions to its Yelp page. And then, nothing.

The restaurant/bar/coffeeshop/boutique slowly fades from my memory or, more likely, is replaced by the next restaurant/bar/coffeeshop/boutique set to open in my ‘hood. Yeah, it’s not my best trait. So I’ve been trying to mix it up lately. Sure, I still have my regular haunts, but I’M WORKING ON IT, OK?

A few new(ish) places I’ve recently tried out:

BLUE MOON TOO. Blue Moon’s second shop opened a few months ago in Federal Hill, and I was lucky enough to get my Cap’n Crunch French Toast fix (topped with fruit and whipped cream) just before Jonas hit. So, so good and so incredibly sugary. The perfect comfort food for when you’re paranoid you’ll get snowed in without power and have to eat canned beans for a week.

DAS BIER HAUS. The site of the now-closed Langermann’s on Light has been replaced with a German biergarten-style restaurant. We dropped in a few weeks ago for a beer (bier?), and even though it had just opened, I was shocked by how packed it was. With communal tables and barely enough space to stand, you’d think I’d be complaining, but it actually kind of forced you to make friends. By the end of the night, I was sampling beer from some girls’ beer boot. You can judge whether or not that’s a good thing.

BREW HOUSE NO. 16. A historic-firehouse-turned-neighborhood-brewpub. You know, just your average restaurant reno. K and I popped in a few weeks ago for after-dinner-drinks. I’d read that the food was just OK, so we opted to grab pizza across the street and then stop in for a nightcap. The decor was what really stood out to me here: tall ceilings, Edison bulbs hanging above the bar, fermentation tanks lining the wall behind the barstools and yes, even the old fireman’s pole.

Next on my to-do listand because I’m writing it here I will ACTUALLY have to go: 3 Bean Coffee next to Federal Hill Park, Iron Rooster in Canton (I’ve been to the Annapolis location which was amazeballs but I’m counting this), Diablo Doughnuts in Fells Point.

Excited forBlacksauce Kitchen to open a restaurant in Remington, Yard House to come to the Inner Harbor.


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