Oh Heyyy Blizzard

Noon blizzard check in! We’re at about 17 inches of snow and still going strong. The house is well-stocked with plenty to eat and drink and I think everyone but Jack (our dog) is having a great snow weekend. Yesterday, we walked into Federal Hill for dinner and then bunkered down at Jeanette’s where we had a few drinks and spent hours playing Fibbage which is seriously the most hilarious game.Β  (They had it for PS4 but I think there are other ways to play). Today we’re lazing around the house and making nachos for lunch.

How are you enjoying the snow?

french toast blue moon

Fueling up before the storm at Blue Moon Light Street

ramen Mi&Yu

Last night’s snow dinner: Tofu ramen with duck broth from Mi & Yu Noodle Bar

Blizzard baltimore

Friday night – just a few inches!

Jack Dog Blizzard

Jack bundled in his jacket.

Snow Dog Baltimore

Jack is definitely NOT one of those dogs that loves snow.



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