Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you just need a lazy Sunday with no plans – especially when you spend all day Saturday at a homecoming tailgate. Yesterday was just the right mix of productive, relaxing and social. It was the perfect way to close out the weekend and start the work week off on the right foot.

Starbucks Holiday Cups Coffee

These are my favorite ways to enjoy a lazy Sunday:

  • Stop and savor your morning coffee. Adam and I walked to Starbucks and sat inside with our coffees and breakfast. It was the perfect relaxing start to the day.
  • Check a few items off your to do list. We finally dropped off our wedding Ketubah to be framed and popped into Old Navy (where I got this vest and two pairs of pants).
  • Grocery shop with purpose. I usually squeeze in a trip to the grocery store at the tail end of a busy weekend, or even on Monday night, but today I could take my time and actually plan out a couple of new recipes to try this week (like cooking acorn squash for the first time!)
  • Spend some quality time…with your couch. It wouldn’t be a lazy Sunday without some laziness. I spent the afternoon flipping between football and The Proposal. It was “Ladies Love Movies” weekend on CMT and their lineup was fabulous.
  • Get the house in order. I didn’t do much more than a load of laundry and a little straightening, but it was enough to notice and make me feel like I’m going into the work week with a more organized living space.
  • Catch up with friends. I met up with some girlfriends for an early Sunday dinner. It was the perfect time to hang out and still make it home in time to prep today’s lunch and climb into bed early.
  • Reset and recharge for the work week. It’s just as important to be mentally prepared for the work week as physically prepared. Come Monday morning, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get shit done!



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