The most anticipated blog post of all time

Abby’s been bugging me, every day, for more than a month, to write about Mi & Yu Noodle Bar, which recently opened in Federal Hill. And as much as it pains me to admit, she’s got a point. The world needs to know that Baltimore finally–FINALLY–has a quality noodle shop.

I lived for several years post-college in Silver Spring, Maryland, where you can’t turn a corner without running into a ramen or pho joint. When I moved to Baltimore, I was in for a shock. Yes, I know there are restaurants that serve ramen. No, they are not up to my standards.

Well, until I stopped by Mi & Yu. I was that person who braved the lines the first day the restaurant was open for dinner, waiting excitedly right next to the cashier for my name to be called. And oh, it was so worth it.

I got takeout for K and myself, since he had some homework to work on. OK, I feel like I need to mention a few negative points so that this isn’t a totally gushing review. The interior of the restaurant is a little tight, and I can see that it will probably be hard to snag a table on a weekend. On top of that, both times I’ve been, the guy in the kitchen (which is visible from the dining room) has been shouting orders and overall not exactly pleasant. Based on some posts to the restaurant’s Facebook page, this is not out of the ordinary. And the first time I went, they did mess up our order (instead of two buttermilk brined chicken ramens, we got one chicken and one BBQ pork belly).


The food is well worth any small hassle, and even though we got the wrong order, we ate all of it. We slurped until we could slurp no more. The savory miso broth is the type of super-liquid you’ll want to drink while sick, hungover, tired, or just plain starving. The noodles were fresh and flavorful, and the buttermilk brined chicken was unexpectedly good; I was a little hesitant about fried chicken in my ramen, but it’s incredible. And the soft-boiled egg, mushrooms, and sprouts were the perfect additions to top off the dish.

So, Baltimore, get out there and slurp. Mi & Yu is located at 1016 South Charles Street in Baltimore. You can also order online through Order Up.


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