Friday Five: Halloween Events

I. love. Halloween. The costumes, the parties, the people-watching, the chance to gorge oneself on way too many Twix bars. Baltimore seems to embrace the creepy, kooky holiday just as much as I do–and the city’s celebrations go WAY beyond packed, overpriced bar crawls. Here are five ways to get your spook on, youngish-adult style.

  1. Baltimore Bike Party Halloween Brew-Ha-Ha; Friday, October 30 from 6:30p-1:30a. A swarm of costumed bikers will meet up in St. Mary’s Park. And then they ride. And then they party. I’ve never participated in the bike party (the thought of biking on city streets makes me queasy but I’ve heard it’s a BLAST). I have, however, set up camp to watch them rollin’. Their costumes are top notch; it’s almost like watching a parade. Keep an eye on the event’s FB page for details and route info.

2. Haunted houses without having to leave city limits. Bennett’s Curse, previously in Jessup, relocated to Baltimore this year, giving you the chance to pee your pants and then awkwardly walk home afterward. I also just read that a vacant Little Italy restaurant will be the site of a “haunted restaurant” (although it sounds like all performances/decor will be on the exterior–bummer, it would be fun to make it a dinner theater-type deal).

3. AVAM’s Free Fall Halloween, featuring an outdoor showing of The Goonies; Friday, October 30 from 4p to 9ish. I am a little bit obsessed with outdoor movies AND The Goonies. Throw in free admission to the American Visionary Arts Museum from 4 to 7 p.m., and this is a no-brainer.

4. Fells Point. You probably already know that Fells Point is THE place to party on Halloween–good luck getting into bars slash being able to move your arms without elbowing anyone. That said, here’s how I’d do it. Get down there early if you need to snag parking, grab dinner on the earlier end, then set up camp off the square at a local watering hole for a few prefestivity drinks. Once the crowds get going, head to the square for some next-level people watching.

5. The Great Halloween Lantern Parade; Saturday, October 24 starting at 3:30p. This one’s been on my Baltimore bucket list for a couple of years now. Baltimore artists and residents design, illuminate, then parade their lantern creations. The event is much more, though; there’s a beer garden, craft market, lantern workshops, musical performances, and even an adults-only after party.


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