Food Pics for Days

Since today is WIAW – it seems like a great time to photo dump all the amazing things I’ve been eating lately. (Today is also the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, a day of atonement and fasting which also makes this pre-written post particularly ironic). It’s is also a good reminder that I’ve been eating out WAYYY too much lately and need to rein that back in over the next few weeks. It looks like I eat a lot of seafood. Which I do – especially in the summer. I definitely like to order it when I’m out since I rarely cook it at home. Without further ado, feel free to drool away over these tasty dishes…

beach clam chowder

Beach eats: Clam chowdah above and shrimp and polenta below.

shrimp and polenta

cod and corn

More beach food – cod with sweet corn and a seafood stew.

seafood stew

arugala salad

Arugula salad with avocado and hearts of palm topped with delicious parmesan cheese.

shrimp and white beans

Shrimp with white beans in tomato sauce.

tuna tartar

Incredibly delicious tuna tartare.


Above – Halibut at Black Salt. Below – pulled chicken at Mission BBQ.

t bbq

lobster salad

Lobster cobb salad.

What have you been eating lately? Is there a particular dish you like to order when you go out?


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