Weekend in Williamsburg

Happy Monday! It’s always so tough getting back into the work groove after a trip – even if it’s just one night out of town. I definitely had the Sunday night blues after an awesome weekend in Williamsburg.

Linking up with Katie for Marvelous Monday to recap my marvelous weekend.

Baltimore Harbor at Night

Backing it up to Friday night, Adam and I walked down the the harbor the the Summer Social in West Shore Park. We got a couple of drinks from Dooby’s and found a nice spot to sit and listen to New Romance, an 80’s cover band. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. The event posting said there would be food trucks, but the only one in sight was pizza and we just weren’t feeling it. Instead we walked over to the Rusty Scupper and had some seafood at the bar. We had our rehearsal dinner at the Scupper back in March so it also brought back all sorts of fun wedding memories.

Welcome to VA

Saturday morning I woke up early and drove down to Williamsburg to visit my friend Sasha. It took around four hours and I was definitely ready to be out of the car by the time I arrived. Sasha and her husband, Dan, both went to college at William and Mary and after spending several years in San Diego they have returned to their old stomping grounds. Dan was out of town so Sasha and I got to enjoy a girls weekend! After dropping my stuff at their new house we picked up sandwiches at the Cheese Shop and headed to the “beach” on the James River. The Cheese Shop is a Williamsburg classic and they make the most amazing sandwiches – I had sliced chicken with provolone, mixed greens and house dressing on wheat. If you ever go, you definitely DEFINITELY want the house dressing.

Williamsburg Beach

The beach was beautiful and the water was warm enough to go in. We floated for a while near the shore and spent time catching up before we stopped home for a quick shower and headed back out to Williamsburg Winery. The winery grounds were beautiful and they were setting up for a wedding that evening. We did a tasting and bought a couple bottle for later. The James River White and Midsummer Night’s White were my favorites.

Williamsburg Winery

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out, drink wine and watching crappy but great movies. The next morning we got breakfast to go at Aromas and ate outside in the Colonial area. We both got poached eggs with cheesy grits and ham. So delicious and definitely enough for leftovers.

Williamsburg Aromas Williamsburg Poached Egg and Grits

After breakfast I hit the road because I had to meet Adam and the rest of his family at an engagement party back in Maryland (congrats Stephen and Elyse!!!). It was a short visit but I had such a great time catching up with one of my best friends from Middle School!


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