Wine Wednesday

Hello from the middle of a very busy week! Work has been crazy for both me and Jeanette, but I wanted to pop in with a quick post. Between work and a social life and working out and going to weddings and blogging and being good girlfriends/wives/dog moms etc. it sure is tough to be young(ish)! Is this the age where we still try to do it all and realize we just don’t have the strength to keep up anymore? Bring on the yoga pants, wine and netflix weekend because I need a break!

Speaking of wine…I have never been a huge wine drinker as I tend to prefer sweeter drinks and cocktails. However, in the past year or two I have expanded my horizons and really developed a taste for white wine (but that’s still a big no to most reds).

White Wine

This past weekend I went with some friends to the Kegs and Corks Festival outside Annapolis. We were give baby stemless wine glasses for sampling and tried some great wines from Layton’s Chance and a whole slew of fruity wines from Cove Point Winery (I think the pomegranate wildberry was my favorite!). We also sampled beer from Eastern Shore Brewing (they had an awesome saison), Victory, and Breckenridge Brewery.

Wine Festival

Oh and I totally forgot this past weekend was the Boordy Vineyards 5k! Check out Mar on the Run for a recap of the race. It looks like a blast and I need to remember to sign up next year. Any race that ends with wine and cheese is A-Okay in my book.

I also recently discovered this handy little cheese and salami pack at Trader Joe’s. It was just begging to be paired with a glass of wine and some tasty crackers…pretty much an adult lunchable. Adam and I split this bad boy the other night as I was cooking dinner and it was the perfect little nibble. YUM.

Wine and Cheese Pack Wine and Cheese

Looking for good spots for wine in Baltimore? Or how about BYOB so you can bring your own bottle? Here are my recs:

Spots with good wine list/wine cocktails:

Sobo Cafe – Have to give another shout out to Sobo for having my favorite wine cocktail, the Apple Cart. This baby has white wine, sparkling cider and lime juice.

13.5% Wine Bar – Haven’t been to this spot in Hampden in a while but loved sitting at the bar and ordering small plates to accompany our wine.

Wine Market Bistro – If you read my post last week you’ll know I loved this place!

Pazo – I have actually only ever been to Pazo for drinks and love the lounge-y area by the bar. Great list of wines by the glass and fun cocktails.


Ali Baba




Mari Luna Mexican Grill (shout out to the county)


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