Wine Market Bistro

A couple of weeks ago I paid my first visit to Locust Point’s Wine Market Bistro for a planning dinner with my business school alumni club. Because obviously the best ideas are generated over a couple cocktails and three delicious courses. Obviously. If you are ever looking for a good location for private dining in the city, I can definitely recommend this place. The room was gorgeous (see below pic I snagged from their website), the service was fantastic and the food was out of this world. I can’t speak to the pricing since I wasn’t paying, but their menu is on the pricier side so watch out for that.

Private Room at Wine Market

We had a special three course menu and so many of the options sounded good that I had trouble deciding what to order! I ended up starting with the house made pasta which was made with sausage, roasted onions, poblano peppers and cherry tomatoes. It was a generous portion and the flavors were fantastic. The pasta was cooked perfectly – not too soft or too al dente (I thought it was soo much better than the pasta we had a Cinghiale).  The carrot and coconut soup with lentils and the cornmeal fried oysters also looked fabulous.

Wine Market Pasta Wine Market Soup

For my entree I had the halibut which was pan seared and served over sweet corn grits. It was topped with tomato jam and pickled okra. I discarded the okra but the rest of the dish was incredible. The fish was perfectly flaky and the tomato jam was an excellent complement. And the grits were so good my mouth is watering just thinking about them. I loved their interpretation of more traditional Southern foods.

Wine Market Halibut Wine Market Dinner

Like at many places, most of the dessert options had nuts (as someone with an allergy, I am always campaigning for more nut free desserts) so by default I had to go with the bourbon bread pudding with chocolate crème anglaise and cherries. Google tells me crème anglaise “is a light pouring custard used as a dessert cream or sauce.” Like my other two courses, this dessert was another winner. I don’t care for cherries so I just avoided them and concentrated on the bread pudding which was doughy and delicious, but could have used just a smidge more sauce. 

Wine Market Dessert

All in all it was a fantastic meal and great experience. The only negative was my first cocktail – it was described as a mint lemonade with cucumber vodka, but the cucumber flavor was totally overpowering. Clearly I should not have disregarded the name of the restaurant and for the rest of the meal I stuck to wine.

If you are interested in checking out Wine Market Bistro, they have weekly specials including a neighborhood night on Mondays. If you are more excited to check out their wine selection they are hosting a wine tasting event on September 1st – $39 to sample over 25 wines and enjoy their passed apps (call 410-244-6166 for tix).


Wine Market Bistro

Location: Locust Point, 921 E Fort Ave 

Highlights: Wine list, well cooked food with a Southern flare.


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