Sobo Cafe: Pasta Mondays

Happy Monday!  I have been thinking lately that instead of “Summer Fridays” that a lot of offices have, there should be the option for “Summer Mondays” where you can come in a couple hours late on Monday morning. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to ease into the work week? Unfortunately, that’s probably not in the cards for most people, luckily there’s something else to help get you through the Monday struggle: Sobo Cafe‘s Pasta Mondays.

sobo sign

If you haven’t been to Sobo yet, go. Go now. It doesn’t have to be on a Monday, it can be any day of the week at any time. All of their food is incredible and the small restaurant has a cozy neighborhood feel that I love. The menu changes seasonally, but standbys like the appetizer spreads, mac and cheese and chicken pot pie are always available (and always amazing).

Side note: this weekend we tried Sobo’s brunch for the first time and it did not disappoint either. Mimosas are a little pricey at $8 a pop, so if you’re looking for a boozey brunch Sobo probably isn’t the place, but if you’re looking for reasonable portions of delicious breakfast foods this is just the ticket. I don’t care for hollandaise sauce, but was craving poached eggs so I ordered the biscuit benedict sans sauce. The eggs were served over fluffy biscuits, black forest ham and spinach with home fries and fruit on the side. The yolky eggs dripping onto those biscuits was perfection (they have their own pastry chef so all breads are made in house and are the bomb). Adam ordered the smoked salmon omelet with sunflower wheat toast which he also loved. He said the salmon and capers were particularly flavorful. We sat at the bar and enjoyed our breakfast while watching the Wimbledon men’s final so it was pretty much the ideal morning. It was packed, so I’d definitely recommend making a reservation if you plan on visiting for brunch.

brunch at sobo brunch at sobo2

But back to pasta night… Every Monday, Sobo’s chef cooks up a unique pasta dish – pair that with a house or caesar salad and a glass of wine for just $20 and you have the best deal in South Baltimore. When Adam and I went a few weeks ago we got both the caesar and house salad and shared. I expected to prefer the caesar, but the unique flavors in the house salad went so well together it was incredible. The greens were tossed with a vinaigrette and topped with spiced apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions and blue cheese. The pasta was also out of this world: spaghetti with olive oil, roasted tomato, garlic, romano, basil with a fried egg and some shaved parmesan on top.  I cut up the egg and mixed it all together to coat the pasta in a light cheesy, eggy sauce.

sobo salad sobo caesarsobo bread

sobo pasta

Be sure to check Sobo’s facebook page to see what the chosen pasta dish is for tonight. I do sort of wish they had a couple of options available each Monday, because if you don’t like the day’s ingredients you are SOL for the deal (which just means you can order something else fabulous from the menu so I guess not the end of the world). Hope the promise of delicious pasta (and wine!) tonight helps take the edge off your Monday! And the folks at Sobo are big O’s fans, so you can count on watching Manny Machado in the Homerun Derby while you eat.


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