Weekend Recap: Boats and Trees

This past weekend was jam packed with activities! Aside from some crazy thunder storms Saturday night, the weather was gorgeous and I spent a ton of time outside. Friday got off to a great start when I noticed that the ship Hermione had already pulled into the harbor for the Wonderful Waterfront Festival. A crowd had gathered and L’Hermione’s crew was on the deck singing what sounded like a French sailing song. It was a pretty unusual sight for my morning commute!

Hermione Ship

I spent Saturday morning in Silver Spring with my mom and joined her for her apartment building’s 5k. The course went through Rock Creek Park and I definitely enjoyed all the greenery. My usual running path around the neighborhood and up Federal Hill is nice, but I wish there were more trail options nearby to switch things up.

rock creek park 2 5k with mom

After the 5k I met a friend for lunch at Nest in Bethesda. We had mimosas and munched on over priced fish tacos and were literally the only ones in the restaurant which was a little weird. We also stopped into the French bakery next to Nest to pick up some amazing pastries. Saturday night we went to a friend’s surprise birthday party and to see Inside Out. Pixar’s latest film has gotten a crazy 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and it did not disappoint. I didn’t find it to be quite as much of a tearjerker as Up, but it was hilarious and very clever.

Sunday was another busy day: we hit up the farmer’s market and went to Canton Crossing for some shopping before heading to my husband’s family’s house for a Father’s Day barbecue.


I got another treat this morning on my way to work – L’Hermione was setting sail and moving on to her next destination. A tug boat was giving her a boost and helped the big ship turn so it was positioned correctly to leave the harbor. Once L’Hermione was angled correctly the tug boat backed away and the proud ship set off her canons as a final au revoir. To be honest, the first canon blast scared the shit out of me, but once I figured out that we weren’t under fire it was really cool! Bon voyage, Hemione!

Hermione Ship Baltimore 2

Hermione Ship Baltimore


What did you do this weekend? 

Is there a good french bakery in Baltimore? (if so get me there stat)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Boats and Trees

  1. Jamie says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend with the Waterfront Festival! What a cool experience! I loved Inside Out and thought it was very well done, but Up is still my favorite Pixar movie!


  2. jeanette says:

    Re: French bakery– I have heard good things about Patisserie Poupon. I found it when I was craving almond croissants after my return from New Orleans but never actually made it over there.


    • Abby says:

      Actually, the Krolls LOVE Patisserie Poupon. Their oatmeal raisin cookies are bombdotcom but I’ve never ventured there myself. Maybe we should check it out!


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