Friday Five (things I can’t wait to do this summer in Baltimore)!

Happy Friday, Baltimore! After a few days of gloomy, chilly, overcast weather things are starting to look more like summer today just in time for the weekend. To that end, here is our first Friday Five post with my favorite activities to do in Baltimore this summer.

1. Orioles Games


This is an obvious one as nothing says summer in Baltimore like a day at the yard. We live just a few blocks from the ballpark so pre-game drinks on our rooftop are usually a must, though you also can’t go wrong with a stop at Pickles! I’ve been to three games so far this spring and can’t wait for many more this summer.






2. Drinks on the Water


Ahhh is anything more relaxing than drinks on the water? Whether it’s Baltimore’s beloved orange crush or a more traditional cocktail, I am a big fan of beverages with a view. Actually, that would probably make a great Friday Five post of it’s own with our favorite places for drinks on the water! Jeanette – I’m leaving that one to you. I plan to spend quite a few Sundays day drinking by the harbor and since I’m still young(ish), I hopefully won’t be battling a hangover come Monday morning.




3. Farmer’s Markets

Farmers market

The market under the JFX, open every Sunday from April 5-Dec 20, is huge and I love strolling down every aisle checking out the fresh produce, cheese, jams, pastries and everything else that is for sale. The market opens at 7am and people definitely go early to get the best goods. We usually plan on getting breakfast or lunch there since they have so many amazing vendors cooking up everything from omelettes to beef sandwiches to fried fish to mushroom crepes. Mmm just writing this is making me hungry…is it Sunday yet?


4. Outdoor Movies

screen on the green

Outdoor movies have been a summer favorite since growing up in Fairfax, VA (holler Movies Under the Moon!) and Jeanette and I frequented Screen on the Green on the National Mall back when we lived in the ‘burbs of DC so I was excited to see this list with tons of awesome outdoor movie options in Baltimore. My friends have always raved about the ridiculous trippy David Bowie puppet movie that is Labyrinth so I’m hoping to check that out at the AVAM and I love the line up of classic favorites showing in Little Italy.

5. Crabs


Can there even be a list of Baltimore summer activities without mentioning our favorite crustacean? Gimme a mallet and some steamed crabs covered in Old Bay and I am one happy camper. I don’t have a favorite place to get them, but my father-in-law RAVES about the size of the crabs at Chris’s Seafood in Canton.





What are your favorite summer activities? 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say HAPPY DOUGHNUT DAY to all! I swung by Dunkin’ this morning for an iced coffee and a free glazed donut. I’d say Friday is off to a great start.

Linking up with Life in Leggings for Friday Favorites! Check out what the blogosphere is loving this week. And linking up with Eat Pray Run DC to talk all about summer activities! Nothing like a little Nats/O’s rivalry 🙂


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